Uptime Engineering GmbH
Schönaugasse 7/2
8010 Graz, Austria
Tel: +43 (0)316 711 921



Dr. Franz Langmayr

  • Master of Science in physics from the university of Vienna
  • PhD in Physical Metallurgy from the University of Vienna
  • 2 years research in metallurgy and phase transition
  • 15 years in powertrain development, materials technology and component testing
  • Specialist in failure analyses, supplier management, assessment and design of validation programs
  • Consulting in material and process technology
  • Co-founder of Uptime Engineering

Dr. Nikolaus Haselgruber

  • Studied statistics at the University of Linz
  • 2 years assistant at the Institute for Applied Statistics at the University of Linz
  • Dissertation at Graz University of Technology in Technical Mathematics
  • Several scientific publications and conference talks
  • Lecturer in Statistics, Reliability Engineering, Applied Mathematics
  • Court-certified expert in Industrial Statistics
  • 12 years business & industrial experience
  • Co-founder of Uptime Engineering

Christopher Gray MSc.

  • MSc. Renewable Energy Systems Technology
  • 15 years engineering experience with gas turbines, combustion engines and wind turbines
  • Research and methods development in the field of reliability and condition based maintenance
  • Specialist in condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics and physics of failure methodology
  • Regular presenter at conferences, several publications
  • Co-founder of Uptime Engineering