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Mining & Heavy Duty


  • Mining and heavy duty vehicles have become highly automated and lean industries with complex interaction of machinery and expert staff. Monitoring systems are used more frequently to escalate abnormalities and gain sufficient lead time for maintenance work.


  • Reliability of machinery is crucial as lost production of sub-segments can only be compensated temporarily in a modern just-in-time production.
  • Harsh Environment: Equipment often operates in very aggressive und unpredictable conditions. These extreme loads and environment can cause early failure and lead to lengthy repairs.


  • Design of Monitoring Systems: trend analysis and model-based monitoring systems can provide enormous benefit as a complement to classical warning and alarm systems. We can help you to develop remote diagnoses with to provide early warning with a high rate of success. Physical models are typically our first choice but also hybrid or purely statistical models can be offered.
  • Load Profile Analysis: Analysis of field loads can help to understand and describe typical load profiles in your industry. Wear or damage models for components can be calibrated and allow prediction of remaining useful life based on measured load history.
  • Failure Investigation, Root Cause Analysis RCA: Uptime Engineering offers systematic failure investigation and RCA as a service. We have a detailed understanding of failure mechanisms and material science and have partners for detailed laboratory analysis. The resulting knowledge is fed back to design and manufacturing or may be used to validate diagnosis and prediction systems.