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Wind Energy

wind turbines


  • Wind energy is becoming an increasingly important part of the energy supply mix in many countries. The size, efficiency and complexity of the associated technology have all increased significantly over the last decade.
  • New and innovative designs are subject to a high rate of uncertainty, production volumes are increasing rapidly and older, installed systems are reaching operating lives until now not experienced.


  • Complex loading: in the field the operational turbine is subjected to complex and transient loading conditions making the assessment of performance and understanding of the system loading very difficult.
  • Offshore: Wind turbines operating offshore are potentially exposed to an even harsher environment, and large scale operation and maintenance for optimised profitability is a challenging task.
  • Profitability: The overall profitability of wind energy is strongly affected by system reliability, therefore this is a critical issue facing companies at all stages of the supply chain.


  • Validation: We are experienced in the design and assessment of complete validation programs including multiple tests for systems and subsystems at various levels.
  • Reference database: our detailed understanding of wind turbine field loading allows us to support the design of appropriate tests for system function or durability.
  • Software: the modules included in our unique software environment Uptime Solutions can support the system supplier, turbine manufacturer or turbine operator in achieving maximised reliability whether in the product development phase or during field operation.
  • Modules: we have developed software modules for the assessment and benchmarking of turbine performance, automated system health checks, fault diagnosis and remaining life prognostics.
  • Industry coverage: whether you are a component supplier, system supplier, turbine manufacturer, wind farm operator or third party service provider, Uptime Engineering can offer consulting and software solutions to maximise your performance.