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Diagnostics and Prognostics

Correct understanding of the degradation and failure mechanisms that eventually lead to a loss of system function plays an important part in all areas of system reliability. Once the relationship between system loading, load capacity and damage accumulation has been defined, statements may be delivered for remaining useful life. Such statements are typically probabilistic in nature and may be based on actual measured loading (e.g. from field monitoring or system tests) or alternatively may be based on hypothetical load scenarions. Benefits of this approach include:


  • Optimisation of operation strategy, having quantified the trade off between performance and system life
  • Ranking of load severity to support test efficiency analysis or prioritisation of maintenance activities
  • Failure investigation through understanding of damaging load conditions and application of correlation studies (field load vs failure)
  • Combination with condition monitoring systems to allow prioritisation of alarms
  • Continuous, on-line analyis of failure probability using standard, often readily available performance data (avoiding the need for additional measuring or monitoring systems)


failure graph