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Asset Management


  • Uptime Engineering offers consulting and tools for field monitoring of your technical assets. We help you to get the maximum value out of your existing data before any additional systems are added to your assets. We have broad experience in the structured analysis of mechanical and electrical systems from transport and energy businesses. Our typical approach starts with a detailed analysis of your targets. Once the key issues are addressed, we use physical and statistical modelling of the affected sub-systems to highlight anomalies and isolate faults.


  • Condition-based Maintenance CBM is a structured process to generate useful advisories for your O&M team. Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (RM&D) is one key element if your assets are geographically distributed or remote as transport and small to medium power generation assets typically are. We understand the challenges when processing raw data into useful information for your asset management system.
  • Diagnostic quality measures such as target hit rate and false alarm rate are addressed and aligned in the early phase of a project to match users' expectations. In addition your O&M team needs a minimum lead time which needs to be balanced against diagnosis quality. Prognosis of remaining useful life (RUL) requires careful tracking of maintenance actions and inspection findings.
  • Generally the use of predictive maintenance techniques forms only part of an overall maintenance strategy. The right mix between corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance depends on the type and utilisation of your assets.
  • Furthermore the implementation of predictive maintenance is not an isolated effort of one department. Support from the top management is required to make your company more proactive, enabling a transition toward a reduction in the number of unplanned and costly activities within the maintenance organization.

Customer Benefit

  • Through independent assessment and improvement of your asset management structure as well as implementation of software solutions, we can support you in optimising the profitability of your assets.
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