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Energy Yield+

Turbine Performance Improvement

Revenue gains can be achieved for operational wind turbines through increased availability and performance. The challenge lies in achieving such gains at reasonable cost.
The Energy Yield+ process provides a practical solution for wind turbine owners and operators. Working in close partnership with our customers, we demonstrate the process for selected sites. The results include a proof-of-concept, know-how transfer and in many cases immediate gains in turbine performance.
Whether you are concerned about the performance of a single site or you wish to introduce a fleet wide optimisation program, Uptime Engineering can create a package to suit your individual needs.


  • A complete optimisation process developed and proven over many successful projects
  • Consideration of technical and organisational aspects to ensure successful implementation of the process in your organisation
  • Fleet-wide performance analysis using available SCADA data, advanced software tools and unique analysis techniques
  • Efficient detection and diagnosis of turbine performance problems
  • A range of techniques for achieving performance improvements at minimal cost and effort
  • Post-correction analysis to quantify the achieved gains, in terms of energy yield and revenue
  • Optional performance monitoring software to ensure consistent gains over the turbine lifetime


  • Improvements in Annual Energy Production of several percent across the fleet, translating directly into increased profitability
  • Correction of poor turbine configuration, resulting in reduced loading and lower failure rates
  • Implementation of effective working practices, with a focus on maximising revenues and profitability
  • Increased know-how through close cooperation with leading experts in the field of turbine performance optimisation
  • Low investment due the use of efficient analysis tools and a streamlined process