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Field Performance Analysis


  • The performance of technical equipment operating in the field may be investigated through Instrumentation and measurement of key operational parameters. This may be performed as part of a validation program, with the performed measurements focused on specific areas of interest. Alternatively, standard operational data may be extracted directly from the control system and used to analyse the long term system behaviour under real life loading.
  • Such analysis typically requires strong support from database and software tools in order to efficiently manage the large volumes of associated data. Statistical techniques, engineering know-how and understanding of failure physics are all combined to extract the maximum information from available data. Examples of successful field performance analysis tasks performed by Uptime Engineering include:

Case Study: Use of SCADA for wind turbine performance assessment

  • Wind turbine energy yield assessment, including analysis of SCADA logs and alarm logs for very large numbers of wind turbines in order to identify individual units with performance deficit. Root cause analysis leads to corrective action and increased profitability through improvements in long term energy production.
  • We also offer due diligence services for individual wind parks: examples include assessment of turbine operations for individual wind parks including availability assessment, investigation into topography and wake effects on turbine performance and confirmation of the individual turbine power curve performance.

Case Study: Vehicle fleet analysis

  • Data gathered from fleets of automobiles operating in various markets and various usage profiles analysed to indicate the range of loading to which the vehicles are subjected. Critical loading events identified and checks performed to ensure that the system behaves as specified during the development and validation phases. For example, temperatures of critical highly loaded components may be analysed to ensure that material limits are not exceeded and that accumulated damage does not result in unacceptable failure rates.

Case Study: Mining equipment operation

  • Analysis of load profiles for mining equipment operating in harsh environments. Identification of critical loading events and quantification of the damaging influence of such events for specific modes of failure. Correlation of highly loaded equipment with observed field failures in order to validate damage models

Customer Benefit

  • Performance analysis is often possible using readily available field data and can be used to efficiently define the condition and operational efficiency of your equipment. Routine maintenance, proactive parts exchange or modifications can be performed when and where they are needed.
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