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Test Design

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  • To improve the availability or reliability of a given product, it is vital to understand in detail the failures that appear during usage. This understanding refers not only to the observed effect of the failure but also to its root cause.Once defined, it is possible to eliminate the root cause through implementation of effective countermeasures. The proof of the sustainability of these countermeasures is the validation test, tailored exactly to address the corresponding failure mode.
  • The specialists at Uptime Engineering have accumulated many years of experience in the design of such validation tests. We analyse the synergies among different tests and assess the maturity of the tested component as well as the required test environment. The determination of the acceleration limit of a test is carried out carefully, since under-testing fails to provide the required demonstration of durability whereas over-testing may lead to misleading results where unrealistic failure modes are observed.

Customer Benefit

  • Tests specifically designed to provide maximum confidence within constraints of available equipment time and budget.