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Training Course - ADVANCED MODULE

Reliability Validation for Technical Products


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As an extension to the basis module, this course provides deeper insight into technical system reliability. The focus is on practical application of reliability methodology during the course of product development. Technical aspects are complemented by a discussion of typical challenges faced when implementing reliability processes within an organisation.

Typical participants

Engineers with a background in development, validation, quality and production of technical products. Team leaders, product managers and technical management staff.

Main skills developed

  • Durability assessment
  • Application of physics of failure based damage models
  • Test assessment
  • Development and analysis of complete validation programmes


Training centre at Uptime Engineering in Graz, or on location at customer premises


2 day training course


English or German


€ 1500 for 2 days training at Uptime Engineering in Graz

Course Structure

Day 1


  • Methodology and practical challenges of
  • reliability demonstration
  • State of the art in various industries
  • Return on validation investment
  • Implementation of methods and process design for
  • reliability demonstration

Basis of Reliability Methodology

  • Reliability demonstration: required number of samples and duration of tests
  • Reliability growth
  • Design and evaluation of databases for load spectra, maintenance, failures

Day 2

Physics of Failure

  • Model development (induction, deduction, abduction)
  • Hypothesis testing, model calibration and validation
  • Transfer functions from global observables to local loads
  • Acquisition of loads and determination of load capacity
  • Data management
  • Component specification and quality systems

Test and Validation Programme Design

  • Test-Design and –allocation, distributed validation
  • Integration of reliability methodology in the product development process
  • Moderation and conflict management within and outside the organisation (developer, supplier, OEM‘s)
  • Progress monitoring, failure evaluation, dynamic test programme optimisation, guarantee cost estimation

Included Exercises

  • Concept for implementation of a reliability process
  • Early warning for series failure
  • Architecture of a field failure monitoring database
  • Generation of hypotheses and critical tests for real cases, damage calculation
  • Extension of technical specification with input from system analysis
  • Review: Software tools, experience, potential, limitations
  • Optimization of a validation program execution after various failure cases