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Training Course - BASIC MODULE

Reliability Validation for Technical Products


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This course provides details of the main principles relating to technical system reliability. Statistics and Physics of Failure methodology are combined to produce effective techniques for the validation of technical products. Fundamental theory is combined with practical examples, resulting in learning that can be immediately applied in technology development programmes.

Typical participants

Engineers with a background in development, validation, quality and production of technical products. Team leaders, product managers and technical management staff.

Main skills developed

  • Development and verification of physics of failure based damage models
  • Test design
  • Validation programme management
  • Warranty risk assessment


Training centre at Uptime Engineering in Graz, or on location at customer premises


2 day training course


English or German


€ 1500 for 2 days training at Uptime Engineering in Graz

Course Structure

Day 1


  • Overview of system reliability, economical aspects, boundaries and limitations
  • State of the art in reliability assessment, typical challenges in practice
  • Overview of methods and tools
  • Process design for reliability demonstration

Methods and Terminology

  • Definition of the field of reliability
  • Repairable vs. non-repairable objects and reliability modelling
  • Definition and evaluation of reliability indices

Day 2

Physics of Failure

  • Introduction to Physics of Failure
  • Damage indicators vs. failure mechanisms
  • Failure mechanism oriented system analysis
  • Standard models and damage calculation
  • Challenges in practical applications

Test and Validation Programme Design

  • Target definition and allocation
  • Component maturity demonstration; hierarchical test sequences
  • Test evaluation; acceleration vs coverage
  • Quantification of validation programme potential
  • Programme optimisation (sequence, quantity, duration and allocation of tests)

Included Exercises

  • Practical examples and exercises relating to system reliability assessment
  • System analysis and damage calculation
  • Test design, component maturity demonstration and test allocation