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Software Services

Data Hosting

  • Data is increasingly become one of the most valuable resources that many companies possess. The need to store an ever increasing quantity of data with a maximum of availability, reliably and security becomes crucial for companies focused on gathering and processing information.
  • With this need there also arise a lot of organisational and financial risks and costs. Smaller companies perhaps cannot afford large investments in appropriate server and network infrastructure and the running costs of qualified personal responsible for hardware and software maintenance, backup and configuration tasks.
  • Uptime Engineering provides reliable and secure data hosting with a maximum of availability to all clients in need of a professional, customisable solution at a competitive price.

Database Development

  • One of the key focuses of IT departments in companies of various sizes and industries is efficient data acquisition and storage in databases. If valuable information is to be extracted from large amounts of data, data validation, data transformation and data compression become an essential pre-processing step.
  • Most companies employ highly qualified personal who are able to perform at least some of these pre-processing steps, but in some cases lack an overall concept of how to achieve the main goal, which is extraction of the information from the data and efficient post-processing and reporting.
  • At Uptime Engineering we provide sophisticated, automated processes and methods for data validation, data transformation and data condensation which are built to easily integrate into already existing structures and systems. Combined with our expertise in the development of reports and statistics to provide company wide information dissemination, we can support you in getting the most out of your data.
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