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Data Analysis toolbox based on Physics of Failure methods


The Uptime Engineering approach to reliability is strongly focused on detailed understanding of failure mechanisms. The description of a system, its loading and the risk of failure under specific conditions are described using Physics of Failure (PoF) models. Uptime ENLIGHT™ contains a library of such models for all main failure modes, plus an efficient framework to enable you to apply these models for data analysis.



  • Option to import load profiles ('duty cycles') from the software module Uptime PROFILE™
  • Library of damage models for key failure modes, statistical functions and data processing tools.
  • Combination of models with measured load profiles, resulting in analysis packages.
  • Analysis of damage contribution of load profiles with respect to the selected failure modes.
  • Intuitive user interface

Customer Benefits

  • Function database and analysis core allow efficient generation of reproducible results.
  • Embedded know-how relating to failure mechanisms
  • engine
  • Fully integrated part of the Uptime SOLUTIONS™ software suite
  • Analysis results can be combined with the partner module Uptime LOCATE™ for detailed assessment of validation programmes.
  • Analysis results can be combined with the partner module Uptime HARVEST™ resulting in a fully integrated field monitoring solution.