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Uptime LOCATE™

Optimisation of validation programmes for maximum product reliability

Uptime LOCATE™ supports optimised product validation considering boundary conditions such as reliability targets, expected market volume and warranty strategy. All inputs are analysed to provide key indices, allowing quantitative evaluation and monitoring of company-wide activities.



  • Evaluation of reliability demonstration for critical failure modes based on a combination of statistical and physics-based methods
  • Quantification of the projected reliability through consideration of technical expertise, production risks, time lines and organisational aspects
  • Aggregation of reliability estimations from single components through to the overall system level
  • Validation programme assessment versus user defined targets at defined project milestones
  • Reporting to allow management and technical staff to continuously and effectively monitor progress


  • Systematic evaluation and numerical optimisation of validation programmes
  • Focus on high risk systems and components
  • Input for project planning: definition of priorities and milestones
  • Scenario calculations in case of redefinition of the original validation programme
  • A consistent and transparent basis for critical decisions concerning sequence, duration and design of endurance tests