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Information management for reliability assessment: parts specification, system definition and data storage


Uptime PROFILE™ consists of a powerful database and web-based user interface. The module supports the creation of well structured projects including the definition of product scope and configuration. The system provides a secure platform for data such as measurement results or test definitions in order to ensure consistency and reproducibility of your reliability development activities.



  • Easy setup of product scope and test procedures
  • Predefined component trees for several standard products (e.g. vehicle fleets, multiple wind farms, test components)
  • Library of generic test profiles to ensure centralised, company wide standards
  • Storage of test results and link to test specification to provide transparency of large volumes of test activities
  • Storage of field measurements to allow comparison between tested loads and real-life loading, as well as providing a platform for condition monitoring activities
  • Links between data and real hardware (instances)

Customer Benefits

  • Clear definition of system hierarchy using tree-based structure
  • Company-wide definition of standard tests
  • Fast access to reference information to support a range of activities including technical discussions, parts tracking, reliability assessment during system validation, field monitoring
  • Systematic storage of operational data with a link to the relevant hardware for clear interpretation of results
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