Uptime LOCATE™ – Rail

The Problem

OEMs in the rail industry have to cope with very high reliability targets for up to 40 years of operation. Development of modern rail equipment involves a high number of contributing parties and suppliers. The quality of co-operation is key to success for rail OEMs.

The Challenge

Achievement of high system reliability goes significantly beyond fulfilling rail-standard requirements. The co-ordination of various parties is a challenging integration task, which requires a tool for assessment of contributions. Rail duty cycles have to be made available in a from which is useful for assessment of validation activities.

The Solution

Uptime LOCATE™ was used as a SW-platform to integrate all the reliability-related project information with contributions from various partners. Reference load profiles – initially simulated, later during development measured – were implemented as basis for assessment of testing activities. Risk assessment was used to specify complementary activities like boundary-load tests, identification of critical load cases via trend analysis, limitation of scattering bandwidth. The extreme long lifetime of rail equipment makes such complementary activities necessary. Moreover, these results were further used for calibration of damage models of a CBM system, implemented in a consecutive  Uptime HARVEST™ application.

The Commercial Impact

Every hour of un-availability in rail-operation is extremely costly and consequently penalized to a high amount. A comprehensive assessment of validation plan and supervision of test execution is efficiently driving availability and thus profitability. Risk-focused fleet supervision is a natural extension of this approach.

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