Uptime PROVE™ – Heavy Duty

The Problem

A heavy duty manufacturer is developing in parallel several drivetrains in a range of power classes. For verification of product functions dozens of interconnected tasks have to be fulfilled in a proper sequence. Frequent un-foreseen events have to be integrated into the schedule and their effects on the verification process must be considered. Decision making requires transparency on the problem history and data. For part release documentation of results is necessary.

The Challenge

Product development is a distributed process, executed by various internal and external partners. During execution development is driven by ad-hoc decision making due to events, results, failures and changing targets. Standard processes and software for project management are not capable of coping with this high level of un-planned activities during project execution. PLM software does not select relevant information in structured data to deliver quick access for stakeholders.

The Solution

Lean planning of product verification based on requirement analysis is the basis of the approach which was applied to the parallel development of several drivetrains by Uptime Engineering. It delivered a target catalogue for functional groups, which resulted in a list of tasks executed during the phases of the verification process. Events and consequences were monitored as process drivers. During project execution results of tasks, measurements, failure analyses were stored in Uptime PROVE™ to deliver a quick access to the problem history. Repeating cases were collected in issues used as reference for problem solving.

The Commercial Impact

In this customer project Uptime Engineering managed with the support of Uptime PROVE™ to reduce the searching time in critical development steps of the involved development experts which resulted in major savings in product development. Additionally, transparency on the current status of the development process was increased throughout the development phase of the drivetrains which speeded up decision making leading to additional time and therefore cost savings.

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