References & Case Studies

Uptime PROVE™ – Heavy Duty

A heavy duty manufacturer is developing in parallel several drivetrains in a range of power classes. For verification of product functions dozens of interconnected tasks have to be fulfilled in a proper sequence…

Uptime LOCATE™ – Automotive

Traditionally vehicle manufacturers run durability tests with each drivetrain or even vehicle variant. Customer duty cycles are represented by several durability test profiles operated at different places on the globe…

Uptime HARVEST™ – Wind Energy

An energy utility operates a medium scale wind turbine fleet, with several hundred units in operation across multiple countries. The turbines are from various manufacturers and of varying type and power rating…

Uptime VISION™ – Wind Energy

An operator of a global wind turbine fleet with several Gigawatts of installed capacity has a very strong financial motivation to maximise fleet performance. Even when in operation, wind turbines…

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