Uptime Engineering Team

Uptime Engineering’s team members have a diverse range of backgrounds, including mechanical and electrical engineering, material science, statistics, software development and business administration and industry track records in the wind, automotive and heavy duty industries.

Team Austria

  • Franz Langmayr
    Franz Langmayr Managing Director
  • Heiko Glücklich
    Heiko Glücklich Sales Director
  • Esther Lichtenegger
    Esther Lichtenegger Product Manager
  • Herbert Gsenger
    Herbert Gsenger Head of IT
  • Brigitte Wiegisser
    Brigitte Wiegisser Office Manager
  • Christian Isak
    Christian Isak Senior Consultant
  • Christopher Gradwohl
    Christopher Gradwohl Junior Analyst
  • Stefan Gönitzer
    Stefan Gönitzer Junior Analyst
  • Elisabeth Schmidhofer
    Elisabeth Schmidhofer Junior Analyst
  • Thomas Jost
    Thomas Jost IT Administrator
  • Karl Fendt
    Karl Fendt Consultant
  • Moritz Gräfe
    Moritz Gräfe Junior Consultant
  • Gudrun Düss
    Gudrun Düss Junior Analyst
  • Marko Herman
    Marko Herman Senior IT Administrator
  • Michael Kropf
    Michael Kropf Senior Consultant
  • Christoph Eibel
    Christoph Eibel Software Developer

Team Serbia

  • Nenad Jovanović
    Nenad Jovanović Software Developer
  • Saša Šuša
    Saša Šuša Software Developer

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Uptime Engineering supports the implementation of reliability related processes in your organisation through the provision of software and technical consulting.

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