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Automotive is one of the largest and most mature industries. During the last four decades stricter emission legislation has been a primary driver for drivetrain development. Strong competition has led to rising power density of internal combustion engines and to a steep increase in the number of vehicle variants.

After beginning with a few pilot projects, leading OEMs have now introduced vehicles with hybrid and electric drivetrains on a large scale.


The parallel development and production of different technologies – internal combustion, hybrid, fuel cell and battery electric drivetrains – is a major challenge for OEMs and tier 1 suppliers.

In particular there is high innovation pressure on development and quality processes. Not only new tests and assessment methods are necessary – also organisational structures have to be adapted to the new technologies.

An answer

Uptime Engineering provides OEMs and tier 1 suppliers with solutions for product development processes and methods. The cross-functional expertise helps to cope with the challenges of disruptive technologies and massively growing numbers of variants.

Uptime Engineering methods and software products establish standards with proven efficiency for highly innovative development processes.

Fleet monitoring and advanced analytics provide complementary information for achievement of maximum product reliability.

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Uptime Engineering supports the implementation of reliability related processes in your organisation through the provision of software and technical consulting.

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