Heavy Duty

History and Status

The heavy duty industry produces a high diversity of vehicles and machines, including trucks, harbour cranes, wheel loaders or combine harvester. The corresponding range in annual production volumes covers several orders of magnitude.

Machines are driven by Diesel or SI gas engines. Hybridisation is used for certain applications like train propulsion. Hybrid or electric powertrain concepts are investigated for usage in further applications.

Just a few major OEMs supply the whole variety of products while others concentrate on certain machinery segments or markets. Quality and reliability are major parameters for market success. Business models based on usage or availability rather than sales of machinery are currently introduced.


Heavy duty drivetrains have to cope with extreme variations in duty cycles, e.g. between a wheel loader and a combine harvester. Lifetime targets of heavy duty machinery are extremely high in particular for the largest powertrain class. ROI is challenging, as the corresponding production volumes become low for large machinery even on a global scale. The classical approach to reliability demonstration via a high volume of long-term testing does not deliver feasible validation programmes.

Long term prediction of reliability is required to make usage-based business models a viable alternative.

An answer

Uptime Engineering supports concepts, methods and processes that exploit the synergy potential of reliability measures for a highly diverse set of target applications. Risk mitigation measures are systematically used not only for functional topics but also for reliability and lifetime. This includes production related activities to bring the long-term quality of products to highest levels.

Highest availability can be achieved via fleet monitoring with advanced analytics to drive condition based maintenance processes.

New business concepts based on availability of machinery are based on this approach.

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