Wind Energy

History and Status

Renewable energy has experienced massive growth over the last decades. It is expected to become the dominant part of energy supply in the decades to come. Further substantial growth in this asset base is expected due to the imminent achievement of grid parity. This growth has been accompanied by rapid technological progress and continuous innovation, with a fast evolution in the design and scale of the turbines themselves. With an asset aging structure that will see more and more installed wind turbines reaching advanced operating ages and a further digitalisation of the industry, the ability to efficiently determine the technical state of the wind turbines becomes much more important.


The rapid growth of the renewable energy industry was not accompanied by comprehensive digitization, leaving asset owners and operators struggling to find the right tools for fleet analysis and optimization. Meanwhile the sheer number of renewable assets calls for an automated solution for monitoring, reporting, analytics and diagnostics combined with further recommendations on actions for lifetime extension. Most of the expert knowledge on wind turbine performance is tacit and embedded in local service organisations active for a given set of wind turbines.

An answer

Uptime Engineering provides OEMs, asset owners and fleet operators with the possibility to monitor, report, analyse and diagnose wind turbine fleets from any OEM. The specific expertise of Uptime Engineering in the domain of wind turbine failures helps customers to gain technical and thus cost transparency for their fleets. Uptime Engineering has also worked for suppliers in the wind industry, helping them to increase reliability of their components assembled into a wind turbine.

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