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Gaining transparency of fleet operation and performance 
Reducing service and maintenance costs

Uptime HARVEST™ is a generic software-as-a-service solution for gathering, visualisation and reporting of operational fleet data.

Uptime HARVEST™ allows operators of technical fleets such as vehicles, wind turbines, photovoltaic or hydro power plants to maintain a view of the current and past states of their equipment. Data is gathered continuously during field operation and prepared for use by service technicians, data analysts and technical management. Issues relating to performance and availability are automatically detected and reported to facilitate efficient response.

Model-based analysis is used for automatic detection of deviating system behavior. In such a case a model-based reasoning engine diagnoses the root cause of the observations and the remaining useful life is evaluated by the corresponding prognosis model. Risk-mitigating actions are recommended, paving the way to condition-based maintenance.

Uptime HARVEST™ provides a service to operators, owners and asset managers, allowing them to counteract issues that negatively impact the return on investment and operational excellence.


Maintain an overview of the status of your technical fleets with information on deviation, root-causes, failure-risks.

Receive corresponding recommendation for condition-based service and maintenance activities.

Benefit 01

Uptime HARVEST™ provides data acquisition, storage, visualisation and reporting. On-line web-access to computing center under EU-legislation according to the highest standards of data security. Data is continuously streamed to the system; long term data archives include backup and emergency recovery technologies.


Uptime HARVEST™ allows the user to easily visualise the operational status of large fleets using a range of web-based technologies. A geographical information system provides a view of asset locations, including real-time operational data for instances, groups, regions, complete fleet. A mobile view allows the user to access and insert information at virtually any location.

Benefit 02

Uptime HARVEST™ provides automatic identification of deviating behaviour. The analysis is based on operational SCADA data, including events and states. Data from various OEMs can be merged into one consistent structure. This allows for a consistent analysis of heterogeneous fleets.


The model-based reasoning engine in Uptime HARVEST™ uses domain knowledge on failure modes to identify root-causes for deviations. Results come with technical explanations and with a recommendation for further clarification or risk-mitigating actions. Based on the diagnosis the remaining useful life is evaluated to assess the urgency of counteraction. In the framework of condition-based maintenance this information is used for planning of risk-related interventions.

Benefit 03

Uptime HARVEST™ comes with a comprehensive set of analytical tools. This allows the analyst to investigate the background of findings or to develop new methods of analysis, which subsequently might be integrated into the generic set of tools.

Fleet operators are required to generate regular reports on the performance and status of all their assets. Such reports may be distributed internally or to external parties. Uptime HARVEST™ provides a custom-designed service to periodically generate and distribute reports to selected groups. Reports may contain financial (e.g. energy sales, uptime, insurance claim summaries) and/or technical assessment (e.g. operational efficiency, load factor, alarm statistics).

Increasing Profitability

Uptime HARVEST™ provides an overview on the operation status of fleets, including events and alarms. The ultimate objective is to support the optimization of service and maintenance activities. Uptime HARVEST™ is intended to be used on-site as a standard tool by service technicians and by supervisors in their activities for optimization of the fleet operation. Thus, Uptime HARVEST™ supports the evolution from scheduled to condition-based maintenance.

Significant financial potential can be unlocked through early detection of issues, followed by diagnosis of root cause and prognosis of remaining useful life. Uptime HARVEST™ methods originate from product validation. They are built on scientific understanding of failure risks. Results and recommendations come with explanation to gain confidence and put decision making on solid ground.


  • Asset Information as configuration in RDS-PP or similar taxonomy, parts-history
  • Documentation of correlated information as technical specifications, drawings, diagrams, photos, contracts, etc.
  • Online visualization of fleet operational states as map-based view, list-based view and interface for mobile devices
  • Charts for time-series data as trend lines or scatter plots
  • States & Events history allowing assessment of aspects such as performance, availability, maintenance, revenue generation
  • Analytics and diagnosis for detecting and understanding of deviating asset behaviour
  • Prognosis of remaining useful life
  • Recommendation and scheduling of corrective actions
  • Calculation and ranking of financial risks
  • Custom designed reporting covering financial and technical aspects of asset management
  • Web-based software-as-a-service for maximal availability and security


  • Monitoring – Asset documentation in thorough taxonomy; permanent overview of states and deviations from expected conditions
  • Efficiency – Automated analysis, diagnosis and prognosis using proven model-based methods; information merging from alarms, service logs, events, states, issues and time series
  • Traceability – Drill down into root causes; comprehensive analysis of issue-related states and events, corporate knowledge base from lessons learned
  • Transparency – Look-up for details of models and diagnosis algorithms, background of recommendations

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