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Gaining transparency of fleet operation and performance

Uptime HARVEST™ is a generic software-as-a-service solution for gathering, visualisation and reporting of operational fleet data.

Uptime HARVEST™ allows operators of technical fleets such as passenger cars, trucks, wind turbines, photovoltaic and hydro power plants to maintain a constant view of the current and past status of the equipment. Data is gathered continuously from the field and presented to control centre technicians and data analysts. Issues relating to performance and availability are quickly detected and reported, ensuring early detection and efficient response.


Maintain a constant overview of the status of technical fleets, coordinate and execute maintenance activities and optimise overall system performance.

Benefit 01

Uptime HARVEST™ provides a complete infrastructure for data acquisition, storage, visualisation and reporting. Data is gathered and stored on a state-of-the-art computing centre located and a known physical location (Graz, Austria) and managed according to the highest standards of data security. Long term historical data archives are stored safely, including backup and emergency recovery technologies. On-line data is continuously streamed to the system and accessible immediately by the user via web browser.

Benefit 02

Uptime HARVEST™ allows the user to easily visualise the operational status of large fleets using a range of web-based technologies. A geographical information system provides an intuitive view of the location of assets and presents real-time operational data at individual asset level as well as various levels of aggregation (groups of assets, regions, complete fleet). A mobile view allows the user to access information about fleet performance and alarm status at any time, on any mobile device (smart phone, tablet).

Benefit 03

Operators of technical fleets are typically required to produce regular, standardised reports detailing the historical performance and status of all monitored assets. Such reports may be distributed internally or to external partners, customers or suppliers. Manual preparation of such reports can be highly time consuming and costly. Uptime HARVEST™ includes advanced reporting technologies allowing custom-designed reports to be generated at defined intervals and automatically distributed via Email. Reports can be configured to include financial assessments (e.g. energy sales, system usage, insurance claim summaries) and technical assessments (e.g. operational efficiency, load factor, alarm statistics).


Uptime HARVEST™ allows our customers to gain quickly an overview on the status of their operating fleets. The system has been developed with the aim of monitoring fleet operations, tracking alarms, checking asset status, coordinate and execute maintenance activities. Operational data may also be analysed. Uptime HARVEST™ increases thus operational efficiency through the broad coverage of required task documentation and is suited ideally to the challenge of managing assets of increasing complexity and size.

Uptime HARVEST™ may be integrated into control room processes dedicated to substantial improvements of fleet operations.


  • Asset Overview to provide online information about fleet operational status. Multiple visualisation options, including a geographical (map-based) view, a traditional list-based view as well as a view optimised for access via mobile devices
  • States & Events management allowing the operational state of all assets to be interrogated with respect to various categories such as performance, availability, maintenance, revenue generation
  • Documentation alowing background information relating to assets to be managed directly within Uptime HARVEST™, including for example technical specifications, wiring diagrams, photos or contracts
  • Charts allowing the user to visualise historical time-series data using tools such as trend lines or scatter plots
  • Reporting for preparation and deployment of custom designed reports covering financial and technical aspects of asset management
  • Asset Information including a full definition of the monitored assets, covering meta data such as geographical location, serial number, configuration as well as providing a hierarchical component tree defining taxonomy and structure of sub-systems and components within each asset


  • Monitoring – Using a range of proprietary technologies (OPC, IEC, SFTP, ODBC) for data acquisition
  • Efficiency – High security storage of historical data, including backup and emergency recovery
  • Traceability – Automated reporting for assets, financial and technical
  • Transparency – Data aggregation for efficient visualisation of large volume data sets

Case studies

Uptime HARVEST™ – Wind Energy

An energy utility operates a medium scale wind turbine fleet, with several hundred units in operation across multiple countries. The turbines are from various manufacturers and of varying type and power rating…

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