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    Uptime PROVE™

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Uptime PROVE™

A complete solution for the effective management of product development.

Uptime PROVE™ provides a complete solution for the effective management of product development. Designed to support the dynamic, distributed nature of this activity, the software includes tools for planning as well as continuous monitoring of verification activities.


Digitalise your product development process on a single platform

Benefit 01

Uptime PROVE™ provides a single tool for the planning, execution and monitoring of product development processes taking into account reliability requirements. A design process can be planned by defining task durations, sequence of sub-process steps, allocation of responsibilities and tasks to resources. Progress monitoring can be assured by checking event and decision history, status of tasks and target achievements compared to the initial plan.

Benefit 02

Simplified tracking of the product development process through Uptime PROVE™ is assured by traceability of the decision making process, results database, control of achievement of intermediary milestones (e.g. Q-gates) or final targets.

Benefit 03

For the efficient management of the product development process various KPIs, spreadsheets, drill-down GUIs are available in Uptime PROVE™. For reporting purposes a common project reporting is available.


Uptime PROVE™ is a project management software developed for a reliability centered product development process.

Uptime PROVE™ simplifies the life of a product development team that is seeking to integrate product requirements, verification steps and tasks, selection and validation of test equipment for development tasks into their product design process. The software provides the product development team with a common platform to efficiently plan the product design process and uncover any potentially missing elements. A careful planning also requires the definition of duration of tasks, milestones (e.g. Q-gates), targets, sequences of activities, responsibilities and the allocation of tasks.

Based on Uptime’s extensive experience the planning of the product design process also relies on methods in order to uncover the full potential available for the product design process within and outside of the organisation.


Once the planning phase for the product design process has been completed Uptime PROVE™ serves as a tracking tool for the product development team for the execution of the product design process. Team members report back on the progress of the allocated tasks in Uptime PROVE™ for documentation purposes.

Thus, Uptime PROVE™ provides at all times transparency on the current status and the history of the product design process for the entire product development team. Achieved milestones (e.g. Q-gates) and targets are logged, the background of a decision making process can be documented and the history of decisions can be looked up.


  • Design verification programme derived from product requirement assessment
  • Definition of verification tasks and test equipment for development targets
  • Process monitoring via event and decision history
  • Process management support: traceability, milestones, Q-gates
  • Secure web-server based software, multiple user types, multi project operation
  • Easy to use, fast implementation and customisation according to company standards


  • Planning – Task duration, sequence, allocation, responsibility
  • Execution – Progress monitoring, task status, target achievement
  • Efficiency – Problem solving rate, maturity demonstration, cost/benefit
  • Traceability – Background and process of decision making, results database
  • Transparency – Common project reporting, KPIs, spreadsheets, drill-down GUIs

Case studies

Uptime PROVE™ – Heavy Duty

A heavy duty manufacturer is developing in parallel several drivetrains in a range of power classes. For verification of product functions dozens of interconnected tasks have to be fulfilled in a proper sequence…

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