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    Uptime VISION™

Uptime VISION™

Improving fleet performance and reducing service and maintenance costs.

Uptime VISION™ is a fleet monitoring software-as-a-service solution developed for the automatic detection of deviating system behaviour and proposing corrective actions.

Uptime VISION™ is a solution which has been developed to improve transparency on the operational state of technical systems. Using analytics, diagnostics and prognostics the software allows owners, commercial and technical asset managers and operators to gain a detailed insight into technical issues that negatively impact the return on investment and operational excellence.


Gain insight into the health state of your assets and receive recommendations on corrective action

Benefit 01

Uptime VISION™ is a software-as-a-service solution for the automatic identification of deviating behaviour in technical fleets. While monitoring states and events any deviations are logged and associated losses are calculated and ranked by revenues. The analysis is based on available operational SCADA data and – if available – on any documentation of service interventions. SCADA data from various OEMs and service documentation in various formats are merged by Uptime Engineering into one consistent data taxonomy. This allows a consistent analysis also of a heterogeneous fleet and data streams.

Benefit 02

Uptime VISION™’s reasoning engine interrogates the integrated knowledge base in order to automatically derive recommendations for corrective actions on identified assets with deviating behaviour. The corrective actions are ranked by probability of relevance. This information can be evaluated and forwarded to site technicians for reference during the next planned intervention on the concerned equipment. Further analyses on events and states and any thereof created issues can be executed for the entire fleet or any defined subset of assets. Uptime Engineering works in its R&D activities on a continuous improvement of the knowledge base for root causes of failures observed on assets.

Benefit 03

Uptime VISION™ comes with a comprehensive set of analytical tools for user defined drill downs into the data history. This allows the analyst to validate findings of the reasoning engine or to develop new or apply own methods of analysis. Customer developed analysis models may easily be integrated into Uptime VISION™.

Increasing Profitability

Uptime VISION™ allows our customers to improve understanding of the technical state of their operating fleets. Through early detection of issues relating to reliability and performance, followed by efficient corrective activities, huge financial potential can be unlocked. Even in the most technically advanced organisations, current practice is dominated by scheduled or reactive maintenance. An evolution beyond this towards intelligent, proactive and targeted maintenance is required. This goal is within reach and achievable inside your organisation with the support and expertise of Uptime Engineering, and using the software solution Uptime VISION™.


  • Automated analytics diagnostics and prognostics for detecting and understanding deviating asset behaviour
  • Recommendation of corrective actions
  • Map and list views
  • Revenue losses calculated and ranked
  • Comprehensive analytical drill down functionalities for root cause verification
  • Monitoring of any technical asset for example wind turbines, PV systems, passenger cars, trucks or mining equipment
  • Software-as-a-service offering guaranteeing maximal availability and security


  • Monitoring – Quick overview of assets with behavioural deviations
  • Efficiency – Automates analytics, diagnostics and prognostics using innovative methodology
  • Traceability – Thorough taxonomy of data, strict methodological approach, possible drill down into root causes using comprehensive analytical tools, follow up on issues related to particular states and events, knowledge base on gained insights
  • Transparency – Look up of details of analytical models, relationship between wind turbine alarms, service logs, events, states, issues and related data

Case studies

Uptime VISION™ – Wind Energy

An operator of a global wind turbine fleet with several Gigawatts of installed capacity has a very strong financial motivation to maximise fleet performance. Even when in operation, wind turbines…

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